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(From the Sept. 30, 2010 edition of the Inland Register)

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    ‘Totally inspiring’ IR edition


    I am presently living in LaCrosse, Wis., and each time the Inland Register is printed I look forward to reading it.

    The Aug. 19 copy was totally inspiring to me. After being filled with so much of the abuse and present status of some of the Catholic Church, it was so uplifting and hopeful to read the supporting and encouraging letters from many bishops written to the newly-appointed Bishop Blase Cupich for the Spokane Diocese, as well as the expressions of gratitude for the ministry of Bishop Skylstad over the past years.

    Along with these letters I also felt a real sense of commitment as seen in the many ads of congratulations and support by many parishes and organizations of the diocese. I felt the entire arms of the diocese were embracing this new bishop and expressing their loyalty to God through him.

    May God continue to bless the Spokane Diocese.

    Sister Kathy Roberg FSPA, LaCrosse, Wis.

    Call to modesty


    A call to modesty: a call for women to emulate the Mother of God and to lead society into respect.

    We get upset when we hear about sexual abuse, and other crimes against respect – respect for our bodies and for life. Lack of respect is rampant in our society. We not only see disrespectful behavior that can lead to lewd conduct. We can see disrespect in how people dress today and it is most evident in how women dress.

    Do women know the impact they have in forming the morals of today’s society? Do women realize that they teach others about respect by what they communicate verbally and nonverbally, especially in how they present themselves in their manner of dress? The virtue of modesty is not considered today.

    Women have a wonderful role model, one who embraces modesty: Mary, the Mother of God. Women should ask themselves:

    • Do we respect our bodies by how we behave and dress (do we properly and completely cover our private parts and intimate apparel)?
    • How does our behavior and dress communicate our closeness to God?
    • Does our behavior and dress lead others into virtuous thought or not?

    Are we lowering our status to just an object (of immoral attention) by how we dress? Or are we choosing to be what we are called to be: Temples of the Holy Spirit that respectfully draw attention to God?

    Name withheld by request

    Where were the Knights?


    Supporting the Catholic Church has been a hallmark of the Knights of Columbus since its founding in 1882. They call themselves Knight of Columbus – Knights to emphasize chivalry’s ideals of charity and support for church and state, and Columbus as a reminder that Catholics had been the backbone and bulwark of America’s growth and greatness from the very beginning. They are an organization of Catholic men who are banded together to strengthen family life and be of service to Church and community. They are a strong support for their priests and bishops and they were there doing just that on the day of our new bishop’s installation, outfitted in their beautiful regalia as honor guards for Bishop Cupich.

    Of all the pictures taken that day for the Inland Register (IR 9/9/10), I, as the wife of one of the men, was saddened that there were no pictures of the Knights of Columbus. These men arrived early that morning to be at the ready for this momentous occasion For some it was truly a sacrifice, some being quite elderly, and one recovering from surgery.

    I can only repeat what Pope John Paul II once said: “The Knights of Columbus highly value their vocation to be part of the evangelization of the Church.”

    Linda Egan, Spokane

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