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Compiled by Father Tom Caswell, for the Inland Register

(From the Oct. 21, 2010 edition of the Inland Register)

From the Inland Register
Volume 19 - No. 10
50 Years Ago: October 17, 1960

New Colfax Church Will be Dedicated

The glass workers’ strike and late arrival of new pews, threw a monkey wrench into the “time” machinery at Colfax.

But on Wednesday at 10:30 a.m., Oct. 26 – a month later than originally planned – the new $160,000 St. Patrick Church will be dedicated by Bishop Topel.

According to Father William Hanley, vicar assistant, many priests of the diocese will be present for the dedication services, which will be followed by a Solemn Mass.

The new church, featuring modern simplicity of line, was designed by Spokane Architect John P. O’Neill. Built on the old church site on the Main Street hill overlooking the city, the new church seats some 336 persons. Its furnishings include tabernacle, sanctuary lamp, censer, book stand, and altar charts from Dublin, Ireland, and carved wooden statues of the crucifix, the Blessed Virgin, St. Joseph, and the Stations of the Cross from Italy.

A spectacular focal point is the 15-foot mosaic and reinforced concrete statue of St. Patrick designed and executed by Harold Balazs, Jr., Spokane sculptor. The statue has a four-inch framework of white concrete and pumice with insets of brilliant shades of green, blue-green, gold and white imported Italian glass. The traditional serpents at the foot of the statue are done in shades of green.

The first Mass was offered in the new church at 8 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 25.

Father Hanley said that Nicholas Hagert, a Colfax parishioner, had donated a great deal of time to the building of concrete and brick pyramids at the entrance to the newly paved parking grounds around the church. Hagert also was in charge of pouring concrete and the installation of 10 stained-glass windows.

Some 25 men parishioners have donated a great deal of time toward leveling, helping with the concrete work, landscaping, and planting of lawns, Father said. The men plan to plant shrubs at a later date. (Margaret Huck, Correspondent)

From the Inland Register
Volume 43 – No. 8
25 Years Ago: October 17, 1985

Renewal Begins in Colbert

Preparations began several months ago for the advent of the RENEW program to be conducted Oct. 25-27 at St. Joseph Parish, Colbert.

According to Father James Mangan, pastor, “Parish renewal has already had an impact on those taking part in it. Over 15 share groups have been meeting throughout the parish for more than six months and it is remarkable to see what has happened among the people. There has already been growth in their spiritual lives and a greater awareness of the place of Christ in their lives.

“Many have discovered a new importance of personal prayer and a better understanding of what it means to be a witness for Christ in day-to-day living,” Father Mangan said. “In addition to the spiritual benefits, they have had the opportunity to get to know one another better. The development of these small communities can only help to build up a sense of community throughout the parish,” he said.

Overall supervision of the renewal process has been charged to John Riherd, chairman of the Spiritual Growth Committee.

Riherd said that he has “already seen deep personal commitment on the part of many people in our parish to examine their own faith beliefs and to begin a journey to an enhanced or deeper relationship with Christ.

“As more and more become involved,” Riherd said, “I hope a stronger sense of unity and commitment will develop n our parish family and that the spirituality of our entire parish will grow.”

The parish renewal program began in Jennings, La., in the Lake Charles Diocese and spread from there throughout Florida, Texas, and the rest of Louisiana.

The program began in the Northwest in1981. John Segura, coordinator of the parish renewal program, has relocated temporarily in Clarkston, Wash., to train those who wish to become involved in the program.

“This is really a missionary type of program,” Segura said, “because we train people from each parish that has experienced renewal to go out to other parishes and minister.”

Father Mangan said he is “very excited about what great things can happen and what a great experience the weekend will be. I also hope that many members of the parish who have not been active in the renewal will plan to attend.

“It is a marvelous opportunity for Christ to work in and through all of us, to enrich us both individually and as his people. When we gather in his name, there is no doubt that Jesus will be present among us, reach out to us and touch us with his love,” he said.

“It is a special time of grace and blessing,” Father Mangan said, “and I hope that everyone will take advantage of it.”

(Father Caswell is the diocese’s Ecumenical Relations Officer and Inland Register archivist.)

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