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New stained glass windows grace St. Genevieve Church, Twisp

the Inland Register

(From the Jan. 13, 2011 edition of the Inland Register)

New windows for St. Genevieve Church in Twisp depict the seven sacraments. The eighth window (above) portrays the parish’s patron saint. (IR photos courtesy of Ginger Reddington)

During the Advent season, St. Genevieve Parish, Twisp, in the Methow Valley, was blessed with two events: the installation of new stained glass windows in the 100-year-old church, and a visit from Bishop Cupich that included the blessing of the windows.

For several years, parishioners wanted to install stained glass windows, but the cost was prohibitive.

Father Gustavo Ruiz, the pastor, and the parish’s Pastoral Council asked Ginger Reddington, a professional artist and parishioner, to conduct a feasibility study to determine the cost of stained glass windows. She found that although using traditional techniques for stained glass would be extremely expensive, a more modern technique made the cost reasonable. Reddington contacted Designer Glass of Spokane, who gave an $8,000 estimate for eight windows for the church.

Father Ruiz and the Council approved the project, under the stipulation that funding would come from a capital campaign in order to conserve parish cash reserves. A windows committee was formed and a target date of Christmas 2010 was established. The fund drive to raise the needed $8,000 began July 1, 2010 and ended very successfully Sept. 30, 2010, with contributions totaling more than $13,000, some from as far away as India.

The sacrament of penance is the subject of one of the new windows.

Father Ruiz, who served as the project’s technical, spiritual, and historical advisor, chose the Seven Sacraments as the primary theme for seven of the windows, and the parish’s patron saint, St. Genevieve, for the eighth. Reddington chose to depict Jesus at the moment he founded each sacrament. Renaissance master artists were the inspirations for the drawings. Reddington drew the final full-sized designs in color, which were then sent to Designer Glass in Spokane for final preparation of the windows.

The windows were completed and installed the week before Bishop Cupich visited. On Dec. 19 at a concelebrated Mass, the bishop blessed the windows. He also had the pleasure of seeing the windows the evening before from the exterior. They are as impressive at the night from the outside as well as during the day from inside the Church.

Thanks to Bishop Cupich, Father Ruiz, and the parishioners, St. Genevieve has been blessed with stained glass windows that are enjoyed by young and old as well as guests and friends. The dedication of the pastor, Pastoral Council, and parishioners made this dream come true.

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