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(From the , 2011 edition of the Inland Register)

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    ‘Inspirational’ cover


    Thank you for the inspirational cover of Dec. 2, 2010 (“Virgin of the Lilies,” by William-Adolphe Bonguereau). So beautiful and after last year’s awful scene this made me happy. It really looks Catholic. Thank you!

    Joan Patterson, Ritzville, Wash.

    God’s renewal program


    I write the following letter in reference to Father Ron Rolheiser’s “An Open Letter to those who don’t go to church” (IR 1/13/11).

    There are probably many reasons why churches are not seeing their pews filled these days, but from the perspective of one who sees a glass half full as opposed to half empty, I offer the possibility that some people may be out working among the lilies of the field or busy surveying the valleys and mountains for any lost sheep. It’s the kind of open-air church referred to in the Good News: “How lovely on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good new, good news. Announcing peace, proclaiming news of happiness, Our God reigns!” (Isaiah 52:7; Romans 10:15)

    It tells the wonderful story of Jesus, our loving shepherd, who left his abode in Heaven to give his life in order to save us from our sins and destined path of damnation; to secure a place for us with him for all eternity. It was in this light that Paul and Silas embraced their missionary journeys, as others do today, responding with great faith and passion to the Holy Spirit’s beckoning call: “Children, go where I send thee.” (Acts 15:40)

    If there are fewer church pews being filled than in years past, I believe it is all part of God’s renewal program. He’s making sure everyone is hearing the Gospel and getting saved. His plan is to fill heavenly mansions and ivory palaces with as many as who will receive him. God wants “Old men dreaming dreams and young men and women seeing the Light!” (Joel 2:28; Acts 2:17) This happens when the lost are found. They are the ones who will fill our church pews!

    As frightening, unnerving, and frustrating as it may sound, Churches must be patient and show greater flexibility. Built on ever strong and solid foundations, they must take care not be so rigid they fail to see the Life they hold within needs be igniting fires in the outer landscapes. It’s harvest time and laborers are needed wherever there is work to be done. Churches are works in progress and should reflect great zeal in missionary quests; for it is when lives become changed, that churches behold their own beautiful transformations. Let us be encouragement to those carrying Christ’s love as portables of the heart into the valleys and the fields. The Gospel will be heard and they shall remain confident while God is at their side. (Psalm 11:4; Romans 11:36)

    Connie Pomeroy, Spokane

    Help still needed in Guatemala


    Our Lady of Fatima Parish’s Guatemala Mission committee would like to thank those in our diocese who made a contributions to help repair the wall at the girls’ school in Guatemala. The contributions made thus far total 10 percent of the total funds needed.

    As you recall, the unusually heavy rain storms that pounded Guatemala nearly all summer long have weakened the soil on the mountainside where the girls school stands. A wall that has previously held back a bank of soil is giving way. This slope supports the security wall protecting the young girls and teachers from outside threats. In an area where kidnapping is becoming big business this is very disheartening. Although there is urgency in making the repair to the bank and wall, the estimated cost of $25,000 is beyond what the Fatima mission committee can provide at this time.

    The help and support of those who gave is greatly appreciated. It is our hope that additional contributions from the diocese will be made in addition to other outside sources, so that the safety of the girls and nuns will be restored.

    Chuck Milani, Spokane

    (Milani is treasurer of the Guatemala Mission committee of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Spokane.)


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