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Guatemala families grateful for support from Eastern Washington Catholics

the Inland Register

(From the February 3, 2011 edition of the Inland Register)

(Editor’s note: In response to the recent storm damage to the ministry projects in the diocese’s mission in Guatemala, over $17,000 has been donated by individuals and parishes in Eastern Washington.

The following letter was received last month by Donna Connell, chairman of the Guatemala Commission, who forwarded the words for Inland Register readers. Special thanks to Julianne Connell Sachs for the translation.)

Distinguished Brothers and Sisters ...,

Receive generous greetings … from the families of the village Santa Rita Xeabaj, that God guides you in your work, in the good of the brothers and sisters of the country. The object of this letter is to thank you sincerely for the support you have provided to us and especially to our children, we the families who have, unfortunately in this year 2010, suffered the storm Agatha that devastated our country and especially our community. From everything that occurred, we were victims and our houses were damaged by the natural disasters and we are families of little financial resources. We are most grateful to the Guatemala Committee, for the economic support to us and this will serve to rebuild part of our houses.

May God bless you and reward you in a special way. Thank you very much.


The affected families,
Maria Guarchaj Guarchaj, Salvador Guarchaj Ixmatá ,Manuel Felix Chavez, Pascual Chavez Saquic, Manuel Yón Tzep, Fransisco Yon Guarchaj, Miguiel Jaminez Ixtóz, Dominga Guarchaj Yón, Maria Ixtoz Guarchaj, and Tomasa Ecoquij

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