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‘Help me usher in The Light of a New Dawn’

by Bishop Blaise J. Cupich

(From the Feb. 3, 2011 edition of the Inland Register)

Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Deep in my heart I genuinely believe that the Catholic Church in Eastern Washington is about to experience The Light of a New Dawn. That is the theme we have chosen for the Annual Catholic Appeal 2011. Dawn is a mixture of darkness and light. Dawn is an image that speaks to our present situation. We still live with the shadow of the financial difficulties and the shame from the past, but we have begun a new day. The dawn of that new day must find us taking up with fresh vigor the ministries that serve our parishes and families.

The needs of our diocese are no different than those in any other. We must prepare our future priests and deacons; we must catechize our children and young people in the way of Jesus; we must communicate with the world around us; we must carry out the necessary administration of the local Church; we must care for the forgotten in our prisons, in broken marriages, in social isolation; we must support the young at the critical time in their formation and decision-making.

And so, we Catholics find ourselves at a moment of decision. Can we once again take up the challenge of what it means to be a disciple? On the day I accepted the request to be your sixth bishop, I personally answered that question with an unqualified “Yes!” I am asking you to join me with your “yes” by supporting the Annual Catholic Appeal 2011. I am asking that you join me in rising from the darkness of these past several years to a new dawn of mission and service. The triumph of God’s grace over sin has occurred repeatedly in our personal lives and in the history of our Church. It is exciting to watch that miracle happen once again.

Time and again, I have said that I cannot take up the task of being your bishop alone. For me to be your bishop, I need you. For you to be members of the Church, the Body of Christ, you need me. Let us take up this task together. Let us rebuild once again a strong and vibrant Church, so that all of our communities of faith will be strong.

Please be generous and help me usher in The Light of a New Dawn.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Blase J. Cupich
Bishop of Spokane

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