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(From the October 20, 2011 edition of the Inland Register)

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    Thoughts on ‘Harry Potter’


    While reading through the movie review section of your last issue, I came across what seemed to be a very positive review for the latest Harry Potter film. While this movie contains some very good messages in it, such as those of selflessness, perseverance, etc., there is still a very core element to this film that must be considered whenever discussing it: witchcraft.

    Witchcraft, the art of using allegedly magical powers, has been declared by the Church as something that shouldn’t be practiced in by the faithful, as the “magic” which comes from it is directly associated with Satan and is a sinful practice, fatal to the soul of the one using it. While many arguments try to justify the use of witchcraft in the Harry Potter series as simply a fictional backdrop, witchcraft is not fictional and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

    I have heard of many naive accusations saying that the encouragement towards witchcraft found in these books is harmless and no one would really want to be a witch after reading these books or seeing these movies. But with all due respect and charity, anyone who believes that a product of society has no effect over the youth of today has completely lost touch with reality. As a 15-year-old, I do not know everything; I constantly struggle with discerning right from wrong, and just exceptions from outright compromise. But through these struggles I have found that I am by no means the only teenager dealing with these challenging questions. Society and the demonic culture in which we live are attacking us youth from every direction; we cannot avoid it. As a member of the audience this series targets, I can attest to the fact that it does have a hold over my generation. When you go through life in a dark cloud of uncertainty, trying to fit in, constantly making decisions that you regret immediately afterward, going through a phase where you begin to doubt everything you’ve ever been told, the attraction to power seems almost irresistible.

    I know many will automatically write off this letter solely because of the age of the author; but please, even if you don’t care about my generation, even if you’ve decided no one will change your mind about this, please, listen to what I’m saying: God, in his most beautiful plan, has given, through the hands of others, other novels of fictional genre to give an example of his love for us and to encourage us in the virtues of Godly character. When it comes to the world of entertainment, we do not need to take the good with the bad; we do not need to search for a candle in a dark cave when the sun is radiantly beaming just outside; but we do need to reevaluate where we stand in the quicksand of culture and look for the solid rock of hope: the Catholic Church, the Bride of Christ.

    Lucia Wilson, Walla Walla, Wash.



    Years ago the pastor gave a pitch for tithing. He challenged us to give 10 percent of our income to God and, if we still couldn’t pay our bills, send them to the rectory and he would pay them for us.

    I thought, “Malarkey! I take thee at thy word!”

    The next month, I still had bills but arranged to make payments. As time went on, I had new bills, but for some reason they became less worrisome, and over time they were paid off.

    I began to think, “This is working.” As time went on, I seem to have money left over at the end of the month. I decided to give more than 10 percent. Many times, when the bank statements came in, I found out I had more money than I thought.

    I said to myself, “This is weird.”

    For some reason, I have extra money that I don’t know what to do with.

    Lately, I think, “God, whenever I doubt you, remind me of all the fantastic blessings you’ve given me.”

    Name withheld by request

    Honoring Mary


    Father Mike Savelesky’s restriction from our placing Mary on a pedestal vexes – infuriates – me (“Spirituality: Hail, Mary,” IR 5/19/11).

    Valid honor and institutions of her exalted position, design, and role in Our Lord’s plan for humanity through her benign assurances of flourishing Grace does not equate with her having been or being vanished into a bare backdrop of instructional entrance(s). Admissions of her supernatural gift, power, and Grace of wisdom with overabundant charity and love for her Son’s people is no excuse for the former Church practices of abandoning her call to deliver God Almighty into his human form/body, and blood, soul and divinity, to us. And for God’s own enshrouding purpose(s).

    While this vigilant priest solemnly bestows the highest honors to his holiness the pope, where is the mention of our Blessed Mother’s entity of apparent ownership of bestowed and exalted elation in blissful rapture which empowered her authentically invested enablement to proclaim her soul’s glory in the Lord, and her spirit’s rejoicement in God, her Savior.

    Over, above, and beyond a “spark,” she transmits that she magnifies the Lord God Almighty!

    Father Mike’s confirmation of historical tendencies of evidential abuses, practiced in the Church, cannot obliterate Our Lady’s valor, as down-to-earth, and fatigued with laborious work, “woes and foes” as she lived – similarly to ours.

    Still, in the “fullness of time” our own Blessed Mother Mary distinguished herself from the entire rest of us all, with her intensifying the excessive mercy, strength, and power of God’s promise.

    Since this absolutely justifies Our Lady Mary being entrusted to every Roman Catholic home, church, chapel and wayside’s position, a platform on a pedestal, it should also verify her authenticity with the inscription, “Do whatever he tells you to do.”

    Maryann Wignes, Spokane


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