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(From the April 19, 2012 edition of the Inland Register)

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    Mandate provides ‘golden opportunity’


    Greg Fazzari’s letter about the elephant in the room (“Letters to the Editor,” IR 3/15/12) brings up a great discussion point. For at least three generations, Americans (and the world) have been being told that it is our duty to not have children – or at least, only the replacement level of 2.0 per couple. My parents were looked down upon in their Catholic family 43 years ago because they had five children. I have been considered by a few fellow parishioners to be uneducated and poor because I have so many children. Throughout my secular education, and while in a Catholic college, textbooks, instructors, and counselors were telling students to limit the number of children they have. For the past 50 years, doctors, nurses, parents, and even some priests have been telling young Americans that it is their responsibility to contracept: the world is “overpopulated,” “there aren’t enough resources,” “you need to have a career,” “children are expensive.”

    So, why does it surprise us that people of this country would want their contraceptives to be paid for by others? After all, they are doing the country a “favor,” right? Shouldn’t we all be willing to foot the bill?

    This HHS mandate presents a golden opportunity for us as Catholics. The once “accepted” and expected practice of contracepting is now in the spotlight. We Catholics have the opportunity to explain to Americans why the Catholic Church is opposed to contraception. We can explain how contraceptive practices degrade and exploit women; how they harm women and pervert our entire society. We can trace the degradation of our society to the 1930s when Margaret Sanger and her eugenics crowd (which includes Hitler) wanted to rid the world of less-desirable persons through contraception, abortion and infanticide. How, since then, pornography, fornication, adultery, and other perversities have placed our country in a stranglehold. Young girls think they have to dress and act seductively in order to be loved. Women are seen more as objects than living, breathing, creatures of God, made in his image and likeness. Men have lost their sense of duty to the family and frequently abandon their wives or girlfriends, along with their children. The list goes on.

    It is a little disappointing to hear our bishops lamenting the loss of freedom of religion – we lost that years ago when our priests became fearful of openly preaching from the pulpit. Rather than constantly re-directing the issue to the loss of freedom, our bishops and priests could be taking this golden opportunity to express to our countrymen exactly why the Church teaches what she teaches. There are a lot of Catholics who could stand to hear this, as well.

    Cheryl Wilson, Walla Walla, Wash.


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