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Collection scheduled this month for needs of U.S. Catholics

the Inland Register

(From the May 17, 2012 edition of the Inland Register)

Taking up the annual Collection for the Catholic Church in the United States (CCUS) is scheduled for all parishes of the diocese the weekend of May 19-20. The collection is one of four annual collections authorized by Bishop Cupich. The other three collections are the World Missions Collection, Catholic Charities Christmas Collection, and the Annual Catholic Appeal.

This one-time collection takes the place of several collections which some dioceses in the United States conduct at separate times during the course of any given year. CCUS supports Black & Native American Missions; Catholic Campaign for Human Development; Catholic Home Missions; Retirement Fund for Religious; the Catholic Communication Campaign; and The Catholic University of America.

In a special solicitation letter mailed to all Catholic households in the diocese, Bishop Cupich wrote: “As part of our diocese’s annual stewardship plan, the Catholic faithful in Eastern Washington turn their attention this time of `year to supporting a number of worthwhile Church causes in our nation. While it is true that we have a stellar record in reaching out to people abroad in their time of need, we must not neglect the projects and institutions which build up the life of faith in the United States.

“Even as I ask for your generous support of this collection, I am mindful that our diocese continues to benefit from a number of organizations outside of our area which fund ministries and projects here,” he wrote. “For example, the latter two organizations (Black and Native American Missions, and Catholic Home Missions), while helping U.S. churches in need, also send sizable grants to our diocese each year.”

In addition, the diocese’s Fiscal Services Office reports that a portion of the Campaign for Human Development funds are distributed via a grant request process to various projects and needs in the Spokane Diocese.

Last fiscal year, the faithful throughout the diocese contributed over $106,000 to the Collection for the Church in the United States. At the same time, the Diocese received $28,000 in grant funds from the Black and Native American Missions and an additional $125,000 from Catholic Home Missions.

The collection is a direct-mail solicitation. Donors can place contribution in the offertory collection at Sunday Mass or mail the pre-addressed envelope received with the bishop’s letter directly to the diocese: CCUS, Catholic Diocese of Spokane, P.O. Box 1453, Spokane, WA 99210-1453.

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