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(From the October 18, 2012 edition of the Inland Register)

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    Opportunity to witness


    As in prior election cycles, the upcoming election offers an opportunity for Catholics to witness their faith. Each election cycle, Catholics are called upon to inform their consciences by reading Holy Scripture and the teachings of the Church.

    In addition, we are encouraged to pray, participate in the liturgy, and to walk daily with Christ so that we are properly guided as we express our faith when we vote for a candidate or on an issue.

    This journey of informing our conscience is not specific to elections – it is a continuous calling in our daily living relationship with Christ. But election cycles do offer an engaged encounter with culture and the secular world. If Catholics do not participate in this engagement or if they participate without informing their consciences, then our cultural values will reflect the dominance of voters who may not share the faith and morals of Christ.

    If faith communities are silent or not properly informed, public policy and public laws will continue their shift towards a culture with no spiritual perspective and a worldview which does not acknowledge the existence of God nor find any meaning or purpose in seeking God’s will.

    Voting is an expression of faith. Not voting or voting without informing one’s conscience is to bury one’s treasure or hide one’s lamp under the table. Faith must engage the culture – otherwise, it will lose its taste and is good for nothing except to be thrown out and trodden under the feet of others.

    Jim C. Grisafi, Liberty Lake, Wash.

    Mass of Remembrance


    More than 200 people attended the Mass of Remembrance for children who have died that was celebrated at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes on Sept. 17. Among those attending were many young families. A particularly touching moment came after the prayers of the faithful when Father Darrin Connall, rector of the Cathedral, asked people to say the name of the child they wished to honor and remember. Names were spoken throughout the congregation, a kind of roll call of our beloved children.

    Frequent comments from those attending were expressions of gratitude for the celebration of this Mass and the hope that it will be celebrated again next year. We are grateful to all who helped with the Mass and reception, and to those who attended. We look forward to the next Mass of Remembrance, which will be on Sept. 16, 2013.

    Madeleine Durkin, Myrna Larson, and Lisa Weber, Spokane



    Wanted to let you know I think the Register has looked great lately. I have especially appreciated the articles from the Bishop and senior priests. We have some priests who really have a lot of background, experience, and education to write from.

    Barry Schoedel, Spokane


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