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(From the November 15, 2012 edition of the Inland Register)

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    Knowing Jesus through the Word


    Father Larson’s article (“Is Vatican II over?” Liturgy Reflections, IR 10/18/12) piqued my interest. I am old enough to remember our expectations that the Spirit-led output of the Council would inspire a renewal in our Catholic Church. Yes, liturgical changes have been made that increase our lay participation in the Mass, but in fact in the last 50 years we have seen a decrease in our Catholic fellowship, and practically lost our young people.

    To understand Father Larson’s point that the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy is not only a list of permissible changes but also a blueprint for future reform, I Googled the Council and came up with the 30-page Constitution promulgated by His Holiness Pope Paul the VI, plus 15 other decrees. I suggest that all Christians, especially Catholic Christians, read these 30 pages. I would call this inspired document “A Letter from the Apostle Pope Paul VI, the Head of the Body of Christ, to His People the Church.”

    There is so much in this document worth of reviewing, but the importance of Scripture, The Word Incarnate, in our prayer life, is a subject of major importance. Do we understand that the Liturgy of the Word is equally as important as the Liturgy of the Eucharist? That to truly believe that the bread and wine incarnate is Body and Blood of Christ, we must know Jesus, and getting to know him is made possible through the Word. Our young people are not exposed to the Word, and so they consider the celebration of the Mass boring. Of course they are bored. The Celebrity is not their hero, and they see no reason to get excited over the proceedings.

    It’s interesting that the non-denominational churches, the so-called born-again Christians, base their fellowship on the Word, and spend hours per week praising and glorifying the Lord and sharing how the Holy Spirit has helped them grow in faith. Their congregations have experienced significant growth in last 50 years. Maybe we can learn something from their success.

    Pete Ficalora, Spokane

    Positions on abortion


    Did you, my fellow Catholics, watch the Vice President of these United States and his opponent, both professed Catholics, state in the recent televised vice presidential debate that they live their Catholic Faith and it determines who they are? I was pleased. I was not pleased to hear one say that he would not force his influence, as Vice President, of pro-life preference on people of other beliefs. His opponent stated that he was against abortion except in matters of rape, incest, or the health of the mother. And they both said they follow the Catholic Church’s stand on abortion. Uh-huh.

    I will not comment on the vice president’s statement, but I’m sure he will presently hear from Almighty God regarding his mistaken premise of following the Catholic Church. But, perhaps there is still hope for Mr. Ryan’s belief that innocent life can be taken depending on the circumstances; the circumstances being rape, incest or the health of the mother.

    Fact: The child conceived as the result of an act of rape did not commit the act of rape. Why must it die? The child conceived as the result of an incestuous act did not commit the incestuous act. Why must it die? The health of a pregnant woman has taken a turn for the worse and is compromised by the child in her womb. Her obligation to protect the life of the child in her womb did not end when her health began to weaken, nor is it the child’s responsibility to cease to exist so that the mother might regain her health. Why must the child die?

    God’s Holy Will is done. Do not act on emotional feelings that do harm and not good.

    Constance Brenner, Republic, Wash.

    Dismiss ad


    I submitted this letter to the Spokesman-Review (Spokane’s daily newspaper), but it wasn’t published. Two of my friends also wrote and submitted their own letters on this topic. Their letters, also, were not published. I would like to at least share this message with the Catholic community:

    When I saw the Oct. 16 ad in the Spokesman-Review promoting same-sex marriage by “Catholics for Marriage Equality,” I felt concerned about the confusion it would cause. Spokesman readers should recognize that the ad does not reflect Catholic teaching, and should rightly dismiss the ad as an attack on Christian unity and as yet another manifestation of the $11 million dollars that is being spent to promote same-sex marriage in Washington.

    Catholics who joyfully follow the Church’s teachings will not be fooled by the ad. We know why we are voting to Reject R-74. What bothers me is how this bogus “Catholic” group decided to attempt to spread falsehoods and confusion about my religion amongst the general populace. “Catholics for Marriage Equality” is not an official Catholic group and has no right to use the word Catholic in their title. The Catholic Church doesn’t – can’t – teach two opposite things. The three Catholic Bishops of Washington State, authentic Catholic organizations, and tens of thousands of Catholic R-74 petition signers support the preservation of one man, one woman marriage.

    Please visit the web site for the Church’s beautiful teaching on marriage. For those who have left the Church, please visit The light is always on.

    Darci Gomolski, Nine Mile Falls, Wash.

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