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the Inland Register

(From the January 17, 2013 edition of the Inland Register)

(A conversation with Bishop Blase Cupich)

The Annual Appeal has grown every year. People know that we have struggles and difficulties and challenges and theyíve really been there to support the church as it looks for a way to chart a new course. Iím very encouraged by the hand of friendship that people have reached out to me in allowing the church to grow in this very difficult time and so I have to say that I come to my job every day with a great sense of enthusiasm because of the support that I received and I am confident that it will continue. Thereís a lot going on in the spiritual lives of people today and my hope would be that they would see that Iím a willing partner in not only helping to nourish their spiritual lives, but also to see that they have something to offer to the church as they go through the various steps in their own journey of faith.

Our diocese has a lot of challenges and problems to solve, but I donít see myself as a problem solver. I first of all see myself as one who unites people, brings them together, because I am confident that all the resources that we need, especially the human resources that we need to face the challenges are present in this community and the more that I can build stronger communities in our parishes, in our schools, around the diocese, I know that people will step forward and make things happen. Iím very hopeful and also humbled to be a part of a wonderful new phase and moment, an era in the life of our church here in eastern Washington. I already see the willingness of people to come together and the more that we can bring people together and unite them for a common purpose, the more weíre going to be able to meet all the challenges. There really is no problem or challenge that we canít face if we work at it together.

What kind of church do we want to leave for the next generation? Can we take the best that we have but also purify the church of the difficulties that it faces and leave the next generation with something better than what we received, or at least make sure that all the good that has been handed on to us is passed on to them? I invite you to keep this in mind as you consider donating to this yearís Annual Catholic Appeal.

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