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(From the January 17, 2013 edition of the Inland Register)

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    An answer for Father Mikulski


    Father, this is in regard to the question about Mary, in the Dec. 20 “The Best of The Question Box.” What did Mary do with the gifts she received from the Magi? You asked if anyone would like to answer this question. I’m not so sure anyone can know for sure but here goes.

    Sometime after Jesus was born and they received the gifts from the visiting Magi, Joseph was warned, by an angel of the Lord, to take Mary and Jesus and flee to Egypt because the child would be in danger. I would expect God to help Joseph provide for his little family in a foreign land. They were far away from his business, their families, and everything familiar they could count on. The valuable gifts could be sold in a foreign land and used to keep the family provided for while they were “on the lam,” so to speak. That’s only a guess, but what else would the gifts be good for but to be used as valuable commodities?

    Karen Friederichs, Republic, Wash.

    Thank you, Deacon Jack Back


    Thank you for your fine article on Deacon Jack Back (“Deacon Jack Back dies in Spokane, age 90,” IR 12/20/12). I had the pleasure to work with Jack Back in the late ‘80s through St. Aloysius Parish’s jail ministry as a volunteer. Deacon John Sicilia’s description of Jack Back as a mentor for the jail ministry is greatly appreciated.

    In the 1200s, St. Francis of Assisi and Brother Leo came upon a village in Italy. St. Francis turned to Brother Leo and said, “I will preach God’s love to the people in the town we are traveling through.” After they walked through the town, Brother Leo said to St. Francis, “I thought you were going to preach the Gospel of love to the townspeople.” They had walked silently through the town. A saying commonly heard among Franciscans is, “Preach the Gospel, and if you have to, use words.”

    This is very appropriate in the context of talking about Deacon Back. Bishop William Skylstad, Bishop Emeritus of the Spokane Diocese, also remembered Deacon Back as “a humble servant of the Church, along with his late wife, Thelma. He was a great witness of a faith-filled life.”

    “He was one of the first deacons ordained in the Diocese of Spokane, an example of an inspirational pacesetter that now the Catholic faithful see as almost commonplace in the life of the Church,” said Bishop Skylstad. “In his own quiet, yet strong way, his witness as husband and deacon is an inspiration to all of us. May he rest in peace.”

    Many of the O’Malley residents remember Deacon Jack fondly because he used to celebrate Mass here on Sunday with Father McDonald. Deacon Jack led Communion services at the O’Malley after Father McDonald could no longer celebrate a Mass. Deacon Jack touched many lives. I also talked to somebody in the jail ministry recently who talked about Deacon Jack helping her when she first got involved in prison ministry.

    Thank you, Bishop Cupich, for visiting Deacon Jack two days before his passing, and for thanking him for many years of faithful service to the Church.

    Also, a special thank-you to the Inland Register for such a fine article on a faithful, far-sighted steward. We were truly blessed! His legacy of faithfulness and dedication is an incentive for many of us.

    Also, what a blessing to see the picture and short article depicting Bishop Cupich and Father Darrin Connall on the front page of the Spokesman Review (Spokane’s daily newspaper) Dec. 22 in remembering those killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., a week before. It is truly an honor and a blessing to be a Catholic. May our Church continue to lead us in the ways of righteousness, justice, and peace. Maranatha – Come, Lord Jesus!

    Don Kaufman, Spokane

    A little insight


    During Mass on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, I thought of a little insight I’d like to share.

    Sin entered the world when our first parents ate of the forbidden fruit. Sin is exiting from the world when we eat of the Fruit of Mary’s womb, the Body and Blood of our Savior.

    Mike Gary, Spokane

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