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Quilting group nears century mark; works benefit Catholic Charities

the Inland Register

(From the February 21, 2013 edition of the Inland Register)

The Chancery Quilting Ladies recycle materials and accept donations of used light-weight blankets, slightly worn sheets, non-working electric blankets, and cotton yardage to make quilts which are either given to St. Margaret’s Hall, St. Anne’s Children and Family Center, Our Place, and other organizations that help the poor or displaced.

The quilters make baby-, crib-, lap-, twin-, full-, and queen-size quilts, with prices ranging from $15-$40. The group also takes orders for special colors and sizes.

The group’s name comes from the days when they would gather in the basement of the Chancery Building – now called the Catholic Pastoral Center, on West Riverside in Spokane. Because of problems with parking in that neighborhood, Catholic Charities offered empty rooms in St. Anne’s Children and Family Center, located at Fifth and Browne in Spokane, with its ample parking for volunteers and customers. The original name continued, as does the group’s practice of donating proceeds from their work to Catholic Charities; this year, they donated $2,000.

The Chancery Quilting Ladies began in 1913, making this their centennial year.

Mary Rotondi, a deceased member of the group, recalled several years ago how the group had started with her mother, Mary Anna Brunk, a member of The Catholic Social Betterment League, calling together some of the ladies of Spokane’s St. Francis Xavier Parish to work on a project to interest housewives and, at the same time, help the needy. At the age of 7, Mary attended the meeting and remembered the details vividly. These first years, most everything that was made was given to the St. Vincent de Paul Society for distribution.

Currently the group consists of 15 active members, though sometimes only eight or nine members are available. They take a three-month vacation in the summer; meetings are sometimes canceled during months of harsh weather. As a rule, members are in their rooms at St. Anne’s on Friday mornings at 8 a.m. Although that is the only day they gather to quilt together, many of the women take projects home to complete.

Typically they take a break for a midday snack and to pray the rosary, then leave around 1 p.m.

Current volunteers represent several parishes in the diocese and new volunteer members are welcomed enthusiastically.

For more information about this group, call 328-5688, 487-4423, or 535-5948, or call the quilting room on Friday mornings – (509) 232-1111 Ext. 310.

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