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Religious emblems offer encouragement for stages of faith journey of Catholic Scouts

by Deacon Dan Glatt, for the Inland Register

(From the September 19, 2013 edition of the Inland Register)

The Diocesan Committee for Catholic Scouting (DCCS) would like to introduce the Catholic Religious Awards for our Catholic Scouts that are in late elementary school. As with the Girl Scouts’ “Family of God” for grades 2-3 and the Cub Scouts’ “Light of Christ,” parent support and help is a key component of the success of earning the awards that are available to our 4th through 6th graders.

The “I Live My Faith” is the official religious recognition program of the Roman Catholic Church for children in grades 4-6 who are enrolled in the Girl Scouts, Camp Fire, American Heritage Girls, and other Catholic youth organizations.

“I Live My Faith” is focused on developing self-awareness and potential as an ever-growing human person, as an involved member of the troop or group, as a responsible member of the family, and as a participating citizen of a nation, neighborhood, city or town. Everything you do in your life helps you to grow as a person. “I Live My Faith” involves children in activities that will help them to live what they are learning about their Faith. As participants choose their projects, they grow as a Christian youth, as a member of a family, and as a member of a parish.

The award for older Cub Scouts, the Webelos, is the “Parvuli Dei (Children of God)” emblem, which helps young boys explore a wide range of activities in order to discover the presence of God in daily life as members of a family and a parish. The Scouts also develop a good, positive self-image through the contributions they can make to the group or community. The goal of the Parvuli Dei is to help the Scout to develop an awareness of God’s love for each one of us. As the Scout learns about the love of God for him and for his family, that Scout will gain knowledge of the responsibilities that grow out of God’s love for us.

In the next issue of the Inland Register we will move into the early high school awards, the Girl Scouts’ “The Spirit Alive” and the Boy Scouts’ “Ad Altare Dei” that can be earned by Catholic Scouts.

The Boy Scout Religious Award books are available at the local Boy Scout Service Centers or by contacting the DCCS. The Girls Scout/Camp Fire/American Heritage Girls workbooks can be ordered directly through the DCCS, which has a supply of those materials in stock.

For more information about Catholic Scouting awards through the National Catholic Girls Scouts and Camp Fire Committee, visit; for the Boy Scouts, visit

The Diocesan Committee for Catholic Scouting (DCCS) is a volunteer committee that promotes Catholic Scouting in the areas of the Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Camp Fire, and American Heritage Girls. The DCCS is working toward including representation from all the Scouting organizations and to encourage the establishment of Scouting units throughout the Diocese of Spokane.

The DCCS is in need of volunteers who have knowledge of the Camp Fire programs to assist us in our Camp Fire Subcommittee. If you are interested. please contact DCCS Committee Chair Bob Smee or Chaplain Deacon Dan Glatt at:

Donations to help with awards, educational material, patches, and retreats can be sent directly to the Diocese of Spokane, Fiscal Services, P.O. Box 1453, Spokane WA 99210. Please make checks payable to Diocese of Spokane and in the memo please put “DCCS.” All donations are tax deductible.

(Deacon Glatt is chaplain for the Diocesan Committee for Catholic Scouting and youth minister at Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Spokane.)

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