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(From the , 2013 edition of the Inland Register)

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    Hope for youth


    Father Gustavo Ruiz Juarez’s article (“Thirst. Encounter. Rejoice: Catholic Youth Celebration 2014,” IR 9/18/13) is so full of exciting hope for the spiritual future of the current generation of youth if they can be reached in time. I truly hope the youth throughout the diocese will listen, will thirst, will encounter, will rejoice, and especially, will have a future, an eternal future.

    I am so angry, saddened and stop just short of despairing at the lack of action I failed to take (if I had only known it was needed!) when my 22-year-old grandnephew committed suicide when he perceived his life had no purpose. Just what does it take to wake up that spirit of interest in wisdom, knowledge, understanding? If only my prayers, daily for all mankind, could have reached this frustrated young man’s soul. How else do you reach out and excite the desire in someone who has never been taught anything of fortitude, counsel, piety or fear of the Lord? How to reach the soul of a child who has basically been deprived of the reality of God’s Creative Being? And hence, has no belief in anything lasting?

    I know my anger is useless towards my grandnephew’s parents, grandparents (at least one of them claimed to be Christian!) and will be brought to an end, but my sadness continues and I would like to hope that this young man’s death, just as Our Lord’s salvific Passion and Death, is not in vain.

    All I hope from today’s youth – all of whom can be brought to the true awareness of the purpose of the gift of life and of love – is that they truly will Thirst, Encounter, Rejoice and will seek the happy eternal future that I desire for them, for myself and family, and for many, many others.

    God bless and love you.

    Name withheld by request

    Give Toastmasters a try


    I am a person who enjoys expressing myself. I have written many letters to the editor in The Spokesman-Review (Spokane’s daily newspaper), particularly about moral issues. As I have enjoyed writing, so have I enjoyed public speaking.

    For this reason, I am a founding member of Clare’s Clan Toastmasters Club. Clare’s Clan is a Catholic club dedicated to improving one’s speaking skills, thus gaining self-confidence. A leadership track is in place as well. The group meets every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m. at the Poor Clare Monastery, 4419 N. Hawthorne St. in Spokane.

    Public speeches are usually taken from the Toastmasters Competent Communications manual or from one of 15 advanced manuals consisting of a certain theme. Times of the speeches vary in length from a minimum of five minutes.

    Table topics are impromptu speeches where one can be asked about practically anything. In this instance, the speaker must talk his or her mind on the spur of the moment for one to two minutes.

    The public speeches are evaluated by fellow members of the club. For up to three minutes, the evaluator gives the speaker credit for strong points and makes suggestions for improvement, when necessary.

    Clare’s Clan is also a closed club, requiring members to either belong to the Catholic faith or be respectful of the teachings of the Catholic Church. Meetings begin and end with prayer and include the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag.

    Tuesday, Oct. 29 will be a special meeting for guests who may wish to join the club. New members are encouraged and most welcome.

    Patrick Kirlin, Spokane Valley, Wash.

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