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The 2013 Catholic Charities Christmas Collection: serving ‘the poorest of the poor with excellence and unconditional love’

by Rob McCann, for the Inland Register

(From the December 19, 2013 edition of the Inland Register)

Catholic Charities’ CAPA (Childbirth and Parenting Assistance) program works with vulnerable families to provide support to strengthen families, changing generational cycles of abuse and neglect. This family is one of 6,000 families served by the CAPA program last year. (IR photo courtesy of Catholic Charities)

This is a special year at Catholic Charities as we feel incredibly supported by our new pope, Pope Francis, who has made service to the poor a personal and Church-wide priority since he was elected.

We have an incredible history of service to those in need. We serve those in need in the name of – and thanks to – each parish and each parishioner and this giving community. Our programs include the House of Charity, St. Margaret’s Shelter, St. Anne’s Children and Family Center, our more than 900 units of housing for seniors, the disabled and families, Senior Services, CAPA, Refugee and Immigration, Counseling, Parish Social Ministries, and our Catholic Charities Furniture Bank.

Our work is hard but we feel blessed to be a part of it. At Catholic Charities we immerse ourselves in the suffering of others every single day, but we never give up or give in. We have that fortitude thanks to all of you who stand behind us, cheer us on, and energize us to keep going. Your prayers, your time as volunteers, your financial support, and your advocacy are all the greatest blessings we have at Catholic Charities.

Pope Francis has told the world that he hopes that every person on the planet can have a heart for the poor. All of us at Catholic Charities and all of you have that great heart for the poor – what a blessing for us all. We serve those who live in the shadows: the un-seen and the un-heard. We want to bring them into the light and the love and the sounds of God’s grace.

We are getting less and less money from government sources every year. But even with those hard realities, we are able to make it all work. We can continue to have a heart for the poor only because you continue to support us.

We have a profound need to meet our Christmas Collection goal this year and that’s where you all can help. Your donation will be the difference for us this year in terms of our ability to keep all our programs opened – it’s as simple as that. Even if you can’t afford a donation this year, please consider volunteering for one of our programs. Please be advocates for us and encourage our legislators to not forget about the poorest of the poor.

Please keep us in your prayers.

We have been here for over 101 years. We hope to be around for as long as it takes to eliminate poverty from our community. Our promise to you is a simple one: We will continue to do the hard work and fight the good fight. We will continue to make you proud of us. We will continue to be careful with every penny that you donate to us. We will continue to serve the poorest of the poor with excellence and unconditional love.

Thank you for standing arm in arm with us and please – please – remember us this year in your hearts, in your prayers, and in our 2013 Christmas Collection.

(To donate online, please visit, or call (509) 358-4264.)

(Dr. Rob McCann is Executive Director of Catholic Charities Spokane.)

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