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(From the January 16, 2014 edition of the Inland Register)

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    ‘Making a new ending’


    I’ve heard it said that “nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

    The pain and suffering caused by divorce motivated 10 participants to go in search of something that would help them discover how to build a better ending – an ending that would provide an impetus for feeling valued, respected, and ultimately, a sense of contentment.

    In search of solace, healing, acceptance, and most of all hope, three men and seven women journeyed from as far away as Medical Lake, week after week, to Assumption Parish, Spokane, in order to participate in the Catholic’s Divorce Survival Guide’s program that was offered for the very first time in our diocese this past September. The video program, for Catholics who are divorced or separated, was written and co-produced by Rose Sweet, a lay advocate in the Diocese of San Bernardino, and produced by Ascension Press. The program has made an awe-inspiring and restorative impact on the participants who completed 12 weekly sessions. Anger, loneliness, shame, depression, and the Church were among a few of the topics presented to the program participants to assist them in their journey toward self-acceptance, greater self-awareness, forgiveness and most of all, spiritual renewal. The kind of changes necessary to “make new endings” can be accomplished only through God’s grace and prayer, as noted by one participant’s comment: “I appreciate being able to have the chance to connect with God in a group setting and knowing we all have similar beliefs.” This statement lends significant credence to the idea that re-discovering God’s plan for each person after a divorce transpires through constant prayer. The group experience provided a safe environment for every participant to be vulnerable and share their struggles, as noted by one person who said, “I liked knowing that I wasn’t the only one having these feelings and that we supported one another in our journeys of divorce.” This comment seemed to ring true with everyone’s experience of the program.

    Another 12-week session will begin Feb. 19 at Assumption Parish, 3624 W. Indian Trail Rd., Spokane. If you, a friend, or loved one is in need of healing from the trauma of divorce and desires to “make a new ending,” e-mail Donna Petrocelli at or call (509) 468-8429.

    Donna Petrocelli, Spokane

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