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(From the , 2014 edition of the Inland Register)

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    ‘Her reward in heaven’


    Thank you very much for publishing such a wonderful article on the life of my aunt during her life in Guatamala (“Sister Immaculata moves on from Guatemala Mission to her Eternal Reward,” IR 3/20/14). It was wonderful to be able to get an insight into the life she led during her years in Guatamala. Her brother, my father, was always so proud of her.

    We were so sorry to hear of her death, but having read of the wonderful work she did for the poor, she has now reached her reward in heaven, where she will rest in peace.

    Many thanks.

    Sheila Dunleavy, Holywood, Co. Down, Northern Ireland

    A letter of thanks

    (Editor’s note: The following was received by Bishop Cupich, on behalf of the Spokane Diocese.)

    From the Vatican, 4 March 2014

    Your Excellency,

    The Holy Father has read your kind letter informing him that the annual Catholic Charities Christmas Collection of the Diocese of Spokane was taken up in his honor and in response to his concern for the poor and marginalized in our society. He was pleased to learn that the income generated will be used to expand the array of services offered by Catholic Charities to our brothers and sisters in need.

    His Holiness will pray for you and for all those entrusted to your pastoral care.

    Invoking upon all of you grace and peace in our Lord Jesus Christ, he cordially imparts his Apostolic Blessing.

    Yours sincerely in Christ,

    Bishop Angelo Becciu, Secretariat of State

    Bills and appeals


    Two requests showed up in the mail on the same day. One was the appeal and the other was the bill. All Catholic families received the appeal – but not all received the bill.

    How much is expected for the appeal, if a family is already burdened by the bill?

    The bill will ask families to find $300-$1,500 a month in order for their children to participate in a Church ministry. It is a Catholic school tuition bill.

    In our diocese, although each parish contributes somewhat to the finances of the Catholic school, the primary burden for their existence is borne by the families that choose to utilize them.

    Since Catholic schools are truly ministries of our Catholic parishes, charity dictates that families that pay tuition have met their parish and diocesan obligation. Agreed? Catholic parishes and Catholic schools are not competitors – the school flows from the parish.

    Public schools are funded by all citizens of the state – not just families with children. Educating children is seen as a civic responsibility to be shared by all.

    Could the same be true for Catholic schools? Is it in the best interest of all Catholics that our children receive a Catholic education?

    Tuition is like a tax that increases with the number of children a family has. Is a tuition based school pro-family?

    As a diocesan family, we must not allow the contraceptive mentality of our culture to affect our thinking as Catholics. The contraceptive mentality breeds (pun intended) an anti-child and anti-family mentality. Every child deserves a Catholic education.

    At the current rate of giving, the only way the Catholic school ministry can survive is through tuition. And so – we get appeals and some get bills. If we give generously to the appeal, maybe we can reduce the bill and more families could participate.

    Greg Fazzari, Walla Walla, Wash.

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