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Leadership Summit: Quotes from participants

the Inland Register

(From the May 15, 2014 edition of the Inland Register)

• What an awesome experience to be in collaboration with a group of Catholics so committed to renewing our local Church – so committed to bringing new life to our parishes and community. We’ve weathered the storm! The Church in the Diocese of Spokane is alive and healing!

Mary Lou Bentley, Diocesan Pastoral Council

• The fact that a group – a diverse group of leaders – was able to work together so efficiently was truly remarkable … the way that the clergy and the laity came together to discuss the future of the diocese.

Peter Fazzari, college seminarian

• I was pleased to see the bishop there as a KLS participant (and not as “the leader”) as well as his support for Catholic Charities; that was actually inspiring.

Fred Mesch, parishioner

• The KLS Summit experience was challenging and equally rewarding. There were about 50 people who all had the best interests of their parish communities and the diocese as a whole reflecting, sharing, and expanding their own vision of what they came with to provide Bishop Cupich with comprehensive ideas on where we could go as parishes. The energy and commitment of the participants at the KLS Summit was overwhelming. I know there is no reason to be concerned about the strength and commitment of the Diocese of Spokane. We are “on fire” for our faith and it was demonstrated beautifully in our reflections of our experiences and the similarities of the goals we have for our parishes.

Jeanette Benson, youth ministry

• The Summit was such a rewarding experience to be surrounded by people so dedicated to the future of our diocese. It was exciting to share such a moment with others who were so proud and happy to be Catholic.

Kathy Hicks, Catholic school principal

• I was impressed by how hard all the participants at the Summit worked. Dreams don’t come true without a plan, and we continued in earnest the process started at the parish level. Based on the enthusiasm, creativity and commitment that were so readily apparent, there is every reason to have confidence in our future!

Ann Heath, parishioner

The Leadership Summit was amazing. It helped me understand a bit better the experience of the great Second Vatican Council. Catholics from all over the diocese, from different ages, from different cultures, praying, working and having fun together. Our diocese is so amazing!

Father Miguel Mejia, pastor

• Amazing leaders from throughout the diocese gathered to share faith and ideas as prompted by the Spirit. New and creative visions and dreams emerged. The input of the lay people was valued and listened to.

Sister Mary Eucharista Mazurik SMMC, woman Religious

• The entire experience was a whirlwind of the Holy Spirit. Ideas, hopes and dreams flew around the Summit in a way that could only have been inspired by God. The diocese is truly blessed and I cannot wait to see all of the ideas put into action.

Kim Ploss, Newman Center student leader

• Time is going to show that the diocese’s Know, Love & Serve pastoral planning project was an inspired kick-start for our second 100 years as a diocese. Coming out of a rather dark and disheartening time, the Leadership Summit was a capstone to the year-long effort of parishes and Catholic groups to gain a new spirit and renewed focus. God has not let us down!

Father Mike Savelesky, diocesan administration

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