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Compiled by Father Tom Caswell, for the Inland Register

Diocesan Anniversary: 100 Years Ago

(Recently in the diocesan archives, our archivist, Dr. Anthony Clark, discovered a priceless document that appears hand-typed, mentioning some of the parishes of Eastern Washington. The date on the volume’s cover is 1914. The book includes some towns that became part of the diocese of Yakima in 1951. Here are some of the towns and parishes with their information of 1913-1914. For unknown reasons, several Spokane parishes, including the Cathedral of Our Lady of Lourdes, are not listed.)

Brewster, Okanogan County: Brewster, a mission, attended from Waterville, has but five Catholic families (two English and three French), or about 16 souls. It possesses a little church dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and is visited by the pastor about once a month.

Colfax, Whitman County: Colfax, with a Catholic population of 37 Catholic families or 130 souls, has a resident priest and a church edifice dedicated to St. Patrick, but no parochial residence. The Catholic hospital furnishes the pastor with board and lodging in exchange for his services as chaplain of the institution. Church services are held regularly every Sunday, and a Sunday school taught by the pastor is attended by seven boys and 12 girls. During the year 1913, there occurred three baptisms of children and three of converts; while two marriages and two funerals took place. With Colfax is connected one Mission: La Crosse in Whitman County. The present pastor of Colfax is the Rev. P. Leroux.

Colton, Whitman County: Colton contains a Catholic population of 90 Catholic families or 543 souls. The pastor acts principally as chaplain of St. Scholastica Convent, and hence there is no parochial residence. The parish has a parochial school and a church, dedicated to St. Gall. The school is in the charge of four Sisters of St. Benedict (Cottonwood, Idaho) under Sister M. Albertine, their superior, and is attended by 54 boys and 62 girls. Of the 90 families, four are English, 84 German, one Bohemian, and one Polish. There is no regular Sunday school, because all the children attend a Catholic school; but during the winter months instruction is given to young people over 15 years of age. Independent of the parish, the Benedictine Sisters maintain a higher school, St. Scholastica Academy, where 24 Sisters are employed. The latest report shows 65 boarders in attendance. The census for the first nine months of 1914 reveals 17 baptisms, seven marriages, one convert, and five funerals. The present pastor, since the establishment of the parish 21 years ago, is Rev. Jas. L. Frei.

Connell, Franklin County: Connell is a Station attended but twice a year from Pasco. It has a Catholic population of six families or 25 souls. There is no Sunday school maintained at that place, and only two baptisms are recorded for 1914.

Dayton, Columbia County: Dayton has a Catholic population of 20 families or 81 souls. The congregation has a rectory and a church dedicated to St. Joseph. According to nationality, it consists of eight Germans, four English, and three French families; the rest belonging to different other nationalities. Church services on Sunday are held regularly twice a month. Only four children attend the Sunday school, and the parish records show but four baptismal entries for the year 1913. The present pastor is Rev. P.A. Flavin. With Dayton is connected one Mission, Prescott, and two Stations: Starbuck and Waitsburg.

Edwall, Lincoln County: Edwall is a Mission attended regularly every Sunday from Harrington. The congregation consists of 22 families or 103 adults, of whom 17 families are English, five German, and one Indian, and possesses its own church edifice dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. A Sunday school, attended by 14 boys and 13 girls, is taught by the pastor. The statistics for 1913 show four baptisms and one funeral.

Harrington, Lincoln County: Harrington has a Catholic population of 33 families or 299 souls. The congregation has a parochial residence and a church edifice dedicated to St. Francis of Assisi. Church services are held regularly every Sunday and on Holy Days of Obligation. The pastor teaches a Sunday school of 22 boys and 23 girls. The Catholic congregation is composed of 23 English, seven German, and three Slovak families, and the latest statistics reveal five baptisms, one convert, and one marriage, but no funerals. The present pastor is Rev. Ch. McAleer. With Harrington are connected one mission (Edwall) and one station (Lamona), both in Lincoln Co.

Kennewick, Benton County: Kennewick has a Catholic population of 35 families or 48 souls, possesses its own church edifice dedicated to St. Joseph, and is visited from Pasco twice a month. A Sunday school attended by six boys and seven girls is maintained, and taught either by the pastor or a young lady.

La Crosse, Whitman County: La Crosse is a Mission regularly attended once a month from Colfax. The town contains 11 Catholic families or 42 souls, and possesses a church dedicated to St. Joseph. Of the Catholic population, seven families are German and two English. According to the last statistics, the Sunday school, taught by the pastor, was attended by five boys and seven girls. During the year 1913, there was one baptism, one convert, one marriage, and one funeral at La Crosse.

Malden, Whitman County: Malden is a missionary station, attended from the Holy Rosary Church, Rosalia. It numbers a Catholic population of about 50 families or 125 souls. The building of a new church edifice is in progress. Church services are held regularly twice a month on Sundays. The Sunday school, taught by lady parishioners, is attended by 10 boys and 15 girls. During the year 1913, there occurred four baptisms and one marriage.

Newport, Pend d’Oreille County: Newport contains a Catholic population of about 100 souls or 20 English speaking Catholic families, who all contribute towards the support of the pastor. The congregation possesses its own church edifice, dedicated to St. Anthony. With Newport are connected the following Stations: Ione : 15 Catholic families or 80 souls; Looke: 4 Catholic families or 20 souls; Metaline Falls; Blueslide; Cusick; Dalekan, Davis Junction; Jarets, Lost Creek; Tiger; Usk. Metaline Falls has 6 Catholic families or 20 souls. Church services are held regularly twice a month at Newport and at Ione, while the pastor visits the other Stations occasionally. The last census report of 1913 shows: 9 baptisms and one funeral in Newport and one mission. The present resident pastor, since June 18, 1914 is Rev. A. De Malsche.

Omak, Okanogan County: St. Mary’s Mission is really an Indian Mission charged by Father De Rouge, S.J., but besides its Catholic Indian population of about 1,000 souls has also 200 inhabitants of different nationalities of Whites, in all about 15 families. To enable him to take care of his school, attended by 64 boys and 53 girls, Father De Rouge organized a Community of Lady Catechists, numbering at this time 12 lady catechists. The statistics of the Mission show 37 baptisms, 10 converts, 11 marriages and nine funerals for the year 1913. With St. Mary’s Mission is connected the following Stations: Nespelem, Okanogan, and Tun Creek, all in Okanogan Co.

Pasco, Franklin County: Pasco numbers a Catholic population of 44 families or 212 souls. The congregation possesses a rectory and a church building dedicated to St. Patrick. Being largely composed of railway employees, the Catholic population is fluctuating. Sunday services are held regularly every Sunday. About 14 boys and nine girls attend Sunday school and are instructed by their pastor and two young ladies. The latest statistics show 14 baptisms, one convert, two marriages, and two funerals for the year 1913. The present pastor is Rev. T. Fitzpatrick. With Pasco are connected the following stations: Connell, Hanson, Kalotus, Mesa, and Wallula, and one Mission: Kennewick.

(To be concluded in the July 17, 2014 edition of the Inland Register.)

(Father Caswell is Inland Register archivist.)

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