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Bishop Cupich: Pastoral Planning Initiative update

by Bishop Blase Cupich

(From the July 17, 2014 edition of the Inland Register)

(Our Know, Love and Serve Pastoral Planning Initiative continues to move forward in the Catholic parishes and organizations of the Spokane Diocese. I recently wrote to the KLS Leadership Summit participants, updating them on the Initiative’s progress and sharing a timeline for development of our Diocesan Pastoral Plan. I share that letter with all of you, to keep you informed of the broader work of the KLS Initiative. Please continue to keep the Initiative in your prayers.

– Bishop Blase J. Cupich)

July 8, 2014

Dear Know, Love & Serve Summit Participants:

Recently, the KLS organizing committee met at my request to develop a more concrete time-line and process for moving forward in addressing the recommendations of the Summit regarding a diocesan pastoral plan. While we do not want the process to be overly cumbersome to the point that we dissipate the energy and enthusiasm generated at the Summit, I also know from experience that we have to move methodically and with discipline to keep everyone together. The KLS initiative will only be successful if we do it together and allow time for people to adjust to a new way of being a parish that embraces greater participation, consultation and collaboration.

At the recent meeting of the KLS organizing committee, I also presented them the first draft of my Pastoral Letter. I am grateful for their helpful suggestions. My hope is to have a second draft to them by the end of this month, so that the letter can be in homes by September, as initially planned.

There are some very important things that need to be accomplished over the summer in preparation for our efforts beginning this fall. Some of those steps involve decisions by me. Thus, I share with you here the following timeline that has been established, first as a means of keeping you involved, but also to get you thinking about how KLS can best be approached in the various parishes of the diocese. This letter will be published in the July issue of the Inland Register as a means of keeping all parishioners and pastors informed.

July 8 – The KLS summit participants and the priests and deacons of the diocese will be advised by letter of the following timeline which will be published in the July issue of the Inland Register.

July 25 – Bishop Cupich will present a second draft of the Pastoral Letter to the KLS organizing committee.

July 29 – The KLS organizing committee meets to review the draft of the Pastoral Letter and any feedback they are receiving about the published process.

August 1 – The Moderator of the Curia will report to the Bishop on the progress of reforming the Diocesan Pastoral Council and the Bishop will finalize the membership list.

August 29 – The newly formed DPC will meet with the Bishop to discuss the KLS process and provide input on the latest draft of the Pastoral Letter.

September 1 – The Pastoral Letter will be finalized and readied both for publication in the Inland Register and for dissemination to all registered households in the diocese as a separate mailing.

September 2-4 – The priests of the diocese will meet at their Annual Presbyteral Assembly, at which time they will be provided an update, and be given an opportunity to discuss the process and goals and offer suggestions. They will be given a copy of the Pastoral Letter, which simultaneously will also be provided to the KLS Summit Participants.

September 21 – The Pastoral Letter will appear in the September issue of the Inland Register.

September 27 – The KLS Summit Participants will be invited to meet again to process the content of the Pastoral Letter and to provide input on the process.

October-November – During these months those responsible in each parish for the KLS process are to meet and discuss the content of the Pastoral Letter, develop a plan for implementation in their parishes and begin working on completing the written format/questionnaire provided by the newly created Parish Support and Renewal Services Office (PSRSO) regarding their needs, plans and specific information about implementation. This report is due to the PSRSO by January 1, 2015. During these months, Bishop Cupich and/or Brian Kraut, Director of the PSRSO, will visit with the leaders of each parish or parish grouping to get an update on the parish process.

By January 1 – Each parish or parish grouping will submit to the PSRSO the completed questionnaire/report.

March 9 – The Bishop will issue in time for publication in the March issue of the Inland Register an additional Pastoral Letter which will focus on a specified area of attention and ministry for the coming year. It will offer specific goals to be achieved.

March and April – Parish leadership will meet to process the Bishop’s special focused Pastoral Letter and prepare plans for implementation of the goals by the parish in the coming fall. This parish-based planning process will also include decisions on the impact which plans for the fall will have on parish budgets.

June 1 – Each parish or cluster of parishes will send a report to the PSRSO which summarizes their plans and the decisions taken for the fall. The PSRSO will provide a user-friendly form for this report.

The week of September 14 – The Diocese of Spokane will sponsor a two-day diocese-wide Congress which will feature speakers and workshops designed to address the specialized area of focus for the year. This gathering will be open to all the representatives whom the parishes wish to send. The actual dates will be finalized in accord with speakers’ and location availability. This event will take the place of the Annual Presbyteral Assembly; however, time will be scheduled for the diocesan priests to meet to address the usual specific diocesan issues.

Note: These last three steps are repeated each year as the KLS process addresses the several goals outlined in the Bishop’s original Pastoral Letter.

I am very grateful for the help which the KLS organizing committee and you, the Summit participants, are providing. My hope is that more and more parishioners will join us as we move forward, a prospect that will depend on your continued commitment and enthusiasm. No one person or group can accomplish the challenging task we have set before us, but together much can be accomplished through the grace and guidance of God’s Holy Spirit.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Blase J. Cupich
Bishop of Spokane

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