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(From the December 18, 2014 edition of the Inland Register)

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    Excellent article, Father Larson


    (Regarding Father Jan Larson’s “Deacons: ministers of charity” (“Liturgy Reflections,” IR 11-20-14)): What an excellent article! It was brought to my attention by Deacon T. Patrick Bradley on the Permanent Deacons list. Father Larson wrote a wonderful article which really describes our roles. It is unfortunate that many priests do not recognize the importance of the diaconate.

    I am an Orthodox deacon and I am very blessed to have the full support of most of the priests in my area.

    Deacon Michael Bishop, Baltimore, Md.

    Thanks for Father Larson


    Thank you, Inland Register, for publishing Liturgy Reflections by Father Jan Larson. As a middle-aged Catholic, whose formal religious education ended with confirmation studies in junior high school, any opportunity to learn and grow in my Catholic faith is welcome.

    Father Larson is a valuable resource to those looking for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Mass. Our Catholic liturgy, the Mass, is a gift to be celebrated with full and active participation by all.

    Thank you for your sharing your insight, Father Larson.

    Julie Jones, Spokane

    The real power is love


    Recently Cardinal Seán Patrick O’Malley was interviewed on 60 Minutes. Toward the end of that interview he was pressed by the young lady reporter to respond to the issues of women in the Catholic Church and whether or not the lack of women in power was a “moral” issue the Church should address. Cardinal Seán seemed to struggle for an answer that the lady reporter would be satisfied with.

    It occurred to us that one correct answer to the lady reporter would have been … The only real power in the Catholic Church is love.

    If one desires to be in power … then it should become obvious … become love. Not love on your or my terms … but love that comes forth as the being part of the Body of Christ.

    Once you do this … you won’t need any fool churchy title to make you feel powerful.

    Mother Teresa toward the end of her life was in a wheelchair. During a Mass that she was a part of she was asked to say something … apparently she said, “It’s amazing what God can do with nothing.”

    Thomas Merton’s ordination card read … “He went to God and was seen no more.”

    Jean M. and Michael H. Walters, Spokane

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