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Hope, collaboration arise through KLS Efforts

by Brian Kraut, for the Inland Register

(From the February 19, 2015 edition of the Inland Register)

Father José Luís Millán and Holy Names Sister Irene Knopes, representing the parishes of St. Joseph on Dean and St. Anthony in Spokane, along with at least seven other parishes, have taken steps to bring “Called and Gifted” to Spokane, March 27-28.

“Called and Gifted” is a workshop that invites laity, ordained and Religious to explore their charisms. The Spanish offering will be hosted at St. Joseph on Dean, while the English offering will be at the Convent of the Holy Names at Fort George Wright.

Father Millán said that he embraced this endeavor in response to the excitement his parishioners displayed during a parish council planning meeting. This joint meeting of the parish councils from St. Joseph and St. Anthony parishes were stirred with joy during a discussion about plans that arose as a result of the Know, Love and Serve pastoral process. “Called and Gifted” seemed like a great way to encourage and engage new leadership in the parishes.

The Holy Spirit, through the Know, Love and Serve process, stirred Father Millán to take action. Like many, he was not necessarily looking for more to do, but knew this was the right thing to do.

Sister Irene receives great hope for the church by watching the Holy Spirit bring parishes together. This workshop is taking place precisely because of the parishes working together.

The Body of Christ is realized through collaboration. The following parishes have committed or are inquiring: St. Joseph, Otis Orchard; St. Mary, St. John Vianney, and St. Paschal, Spokane Valley; St. Joseph, Rockford; St. Joseph, Colbert; Sacred Heart, Othello; and St. Anthony and St. Joseph, Spokane.

Sister Irene said that new faces will step forward and charisms will be realized. She recognizes that this will bring about an increase of faith and action, empowering parishioners to be the yeast allowing church to grow. For his part, Father Millán spoke to the value of having parishioners explore their charisms and direct those charisms toward service of the church. This act of empowerment aids parishioners to set the tone in their parishes.

A quote from the Catherine of Sienna Institute helps put this in perspective: “The Church is calling all Catholics to participate in a new evangelization, and your charisms empower you to play an essential role. Catholics are to actively help spread the Faith through our relationships at work, in our families, and among friends. Our charisms are tools given to us both to help us convince people of the reality of Christ and to be a sign of God’s loving presence in the world.”

(Kraut is the director of the diocese’s Office of Parish Support and Renewal Services.)

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