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(From the March 19, 2015 edition of the Inland Register)

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    God is the Author of marriage


    I write with respectful dissatisfaction in response to Father Jan Larson’s uninspiring surmise that “no one knows the origins of marriage” (“Liturgy Reflections: The evolution of marriage,” IR 1/15/15). This conclusion stands in need of the joy that comes from discovering that God is the Author of marriage, and not being bashful about proclaiming it! God willed marriage from the beginning as a sign in this world of the intimate communion of life and love that he wishes to share with each one of us for all eternity. That we were created for communion is written in our very bodies being created male and female (Gen 1:27, 2:22-25).

    Our identity as human persons is not something that we conceive on our own, but something that we receive as a gift from our loving Father. It is in the adventure of coming to know that God cares enough to have created us out of love with a plan and goal for our lives that a human person finds true freedom, acceptance and peace.

    Marriage between one man and one woman is the primordial icon of God’s love for us, not an idol. A major theme of salvation history is God’s desire to heal the wound dealt by the first sin, which disfigured the first marriage. It is in Jesus Christ that all people ultimately find healing and salvation.

    No matter our state in life, life experience, or even what we think about God, the truth is that Jesus Christ freely laid down his life in love for us, giving life to his Bride, the Church; desiring and making possible our own free response of love in return. This is the life and love for which we were made. We have reason for gratitude, not embarrassment. Humanity is invited to a Marriage Feast, and we oughtn’t to blush to be seen with the invitation.

    Sister Paschalina Marie Peters SMMC, Spokane

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