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Jesuits moved from Spokane to Los Gatos, Calif.

the Inland Register

(From the April 16, 2015 edition of the Inland Register)

In an effort to make efficient use of limited resources, the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) has begun the transfer several members of its Spokane community to Los Gatos, Calif. The spacious residence there has been used by the California Province of the Society for decades as the primary locale for its retired and infirm.

The Society’s Oregon and California provinces are scheduled to merge formally in 2017.

Jesuit Father Scott Santarosa, provincial of the Oregon Province, announced the transfer to select residents in the infirmary at the community’s Jesuit House and St. Regis (Bea House) communities on the campus of Gonzaga University.

A strong Jesuit presence will remain as part of the local Church. Several members of the Society of Jesus will remain in Spokane, serving at St. Aloysius Parish, in Native American mission parishes in the northwestern part of the diocese, at Gonzaga Preparatory High School, and at Gonzaga University.

Many of the Catholic faithful will recognize the names of the Jesuits being transferred to Los Gatos: Fathers Don Cadden, Frank Costello, Leon Kapfer, John Kindall, John McBride, Armand Nigro, James Reichman, Louis Renner, Fredric Schlatter, Bernard Tyrrell, and Gary Uhlenkott.

As the 19th Century turned into the 20th, missionary priests from the Society of Jesus were the first clerics to bring the Gospel to a vast part of the Oregon Territories. Their extensive network of missions and churches anchored the Catholic Faith in the area as a more established ecclesial structure took hold. When Rome created the Diocese of Spokane on Dec. 17, 1913, the “Blackrobes” already were omnipresent and well respected.

The men moving on to Los Gatos have continued the tradition and have left their mark where they have served.

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