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New foundation will offer financial support for vocations ministry

the Inland Register

(From the October 15, 2015 edition of the Inland Register)

St. John Paul II continues to inspire vocations. Just ask Tim Coyle, who felt called to do something to make sure that every boy or girl in the Diocese of Spokane can attend the Quo Vadis Days or Vocare discernment camps held each summer.

“Even after raising funds from Knights of Columbus, Serra Clubs, and other groups, it costs each student about $75 to attend one of these camps,” said Coyle. “That cost puts a strain on families, especially those with more than one child.”

Coyle noticed that the cost of college seminary was also increasing, presenting a significant financial burden to some who were considering entering the seminary. Inspired by the heroic example of St. John Paul II, he began to talk with several priests and fellow members of both the Serra Club and the Knights of Columbus to find a solution. As a result, the St. John Paul II Foundation was created.

The St. John Paul II Foundation is a tax-exempt, nonprofit organization which provides funding for Quo Vadis Days and Vocare discernment camps, as well as financial assistance for seminarians of the Diocese of Spokane attending Bishop White Seminary. Bishop Daly has granted the Foundation approval to solicit funds within the Diocese of Spokane, and appointed Father Daniel Barnett as advisor.

“Each of the baptized is called to be holy by using our gifts for the glory of God and the salvation of our neighbors” said Father Barnett. “The St. John Paul II Foundation is a means for Catholics to become holy by helping young men and women respond to God’s call.”

With a donation of as little as $25 one can become a member of the Saint John Paul II Society and help support vocations in the Spokane Diocese.

“When Jesus said, ‘Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men,’ he didn’t say, ‘only if you can afford it,’” said Coyle. “While there are many other obstacles to pursuing a vocation in our world, we want to remove the financial obstacles.”

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