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(From the March 17, 2016 edition of the Inland Register)

A deplorable display


Since when has the art of debate disintegrated into character assassination? When are the real issues and concerns of the American populace going to emerge during these debates?

Little time is left to right the wrongs! Only two out of the six Republicans in the recent debate refrained from entering the boxing arena and retained Presidential decorum while defending themselves only when necessary. Both Dr. Ben Carson and Gov. John Kasich preferred to conserve their energy to address issues of real concern, whereas the others acted like rowdies on the playground, bullying each other over non-essentials. The doctor and the governor responded with dignity when, on occasion, they were addressed. Neither is the Democratic Duet free from rude dueling.

This deplorable display is an insult to the intelligence of our American citizens, who are fast losing confidence and admiration for our once-esteemed government, whose system is gradually being corroded. No longer, it seems, is the grandeur of our Constitutional edifice respected or adhered to. This being the case, we are in grave danger of advancing toward anarchy as our way of governing. (Example: the stand-off in Burns, Ore.)

Do we really want this? Then, as loyal citizens it is our obligation to denounce the privilege of being entertained by boxing matches and rise to the occasion of demanding delegation worthy of our trust.

Sister Madonna Buder SFCC, Spokane

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