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Gonzaga Prep announces Arrupe and Ignatian Scholars

the Inland Register

(From the March 17, 2016 edition of the Inland Register)

Gonzaga Prep, Spokane, has announced the recipients of the Arrupe and Ignatian Scholars.

The top 10 percent of the freshman class was invited to apply for the Arrupe Scholar designation.†This invitation, for a renewable merit-based scholarship, was only offered to a select number of students based on an applicantís placement test score, grade point average, and strong academic potential.

The limited number of Arrupe Scholars are selected by a committee of administrators and teachers.†This recognition is given based on the studentís academic excellence and essay describing how a Jesuit education will assist in the studentís educational journey. The student was also highly recommended as a person for others.

Each Arrupe Scholar has been awarded a $1,000 scholarship towards tuition each year, totaling in $4,000 over their course of time at Prep.

Arrupe Scholars

Khaleia Assih, Glover Middle School; Jonas Bears, St. Aloysius School; Carolyn Bozin, Five Mile Prairie; Alexandria Horton, Cataldo School; Xzandre Jean-Francois, All Saints School; Jacob Keyes, Cataldo School; Edward Patterson, Cataldo School; Evan Simmons, St. Aloysius School; Declan Sklut, Sacajawea Middle School; and Amara Vogel, Cataldo School

Those applying for, but not receiving, the Arrupe Scholar designation were awarded the Ignatian Scholar designation. These students take advantage of their education by pursuing an academic excellence that is in the service of others.

Ignatian Scholars

Samuel Anderson, Holy Family School; Matthew Auble, St. Aloysius School; Chase Becker, Assumption School; Katherine Blaylock, Holy Family School; Christopher Browne, Assumption School; Gwendolyn Carlson, Cataldo School; Madelaine Condon, Cataldo School; Matias Crespo, Holy Family School; Blythe DeWitt, Trinity School; Jared Kilday, Evergreen Middle School; Yvette Kraft, homeschool; Anders Mark, All Saints School; Darian Mullen, Sacajawea Middle School; Lucy Nester, Cheney Middle School; Caleb Peterson, homeschool; Nickolaus Swenson, Couer díAlene Charter Academy; Matthew Thompson, St. Aloysius School; and Julia Wright, All Saints School.

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