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Art from the Heart: St. Thomas More students to pilgrimage to Buder Haven

the Inland Register

(From the May 19, 2016 edition of the Inland Register)

On Thursday, May 26, the entire K-8 student body of St. Thomas More School, Spokane, will partake in a pilgrimage to Buder Haven, 201 E. 2nd Ave. in Spokane, to present art that will be hung on the walls before the grand opening this summer.

Buder Haven, a Catholic Charities project, offers housing for the extremely low-income homeless.

This event is a symbolic part of St. Thomas More’s celebration of the Holy Year of Mercy Jubilee. Pope Francis speaks often of pilgrimages and how they help spread the faith. According to Vatican Radio, “The Pope has told Jubilee participants that making pilgrimages to shrines is one of the most eloquent expressions of the faith of God’s people, and is a form of evangelization which needs to be increasingly promoted and valued.”

And while Buder Haven is not a shrine, it will indeed be a holy place, like Father Bach Haven, where formerly homeless people finally find permanent shelter and services that will bring a new era of dignity and hope into their lives.

Students will begin the day with a prayer service, and then depart the school in buses. Younger grades will be transported directly to Catholic Charities, while older grades will be dropped at Gonzaga University, so that they may walk to Catholic Charities and then on to Buder Haven, a distance of about two miles.

After the presentation and prayer, students will return to Gonzaga University for lunch. Catholic Charities will offer a presentation to the student body regarding homelessness, what the building projects mean for the community, and how they can continue to help in the future.

“We are grateful that the students at St. Thomas More have created artwork to help beautify the walls at Buder Haven,” said Rob McCann, Executive Director of Catholic Charities. “What an incredible opportunity for our young people to answer the call of Pope Francis, experience pilgrimage, and truly live as people for others.”

Please say a prayer for these students as they prepare for this special day.

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