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Dolls represent, honor impact of Religious

by Lura Southerland, for the Inland Register

(From the June 16, 2016 edition of the Inland Register)

Dolls adorned in the unique habits of Religious orders hold a special place of honor in the life of “Fred” Hayes-Adams. (IR photo courtesy of Lura Southerland)

My mother’s name is Winnifred Hayes-Adams. She much prefers to be called Fred. Her children, including myself, also call her Fred.

Fred went through RCIA and entered the Church in 1986 or so. She has loved and collected dolls all of her life.

My mother would tell you that she has received much grace from God. Much of this Grace has come through some dedicated men and women who were part of the four orders of Religious represented by the dolls.

A while back Fred went to great lengths to research the habits of these orders and wanted to have dolls dressed in those habits. She found a couple online in Minnesota who made Religious habits as doll clothes. <>P> They are, starting from the left:

• The Sisters of St. Vincent DePaul. When I was growing up my family was poor. My Mom had four children and an alcoholic husband. She received a lot of support from the St. Vincent DePaul store and other support services.
• Sisters of Providence. In her mid-40s Fred started college at the College (now University) of Great Falls in Montana. This was a huge step in her life. She had always thought she was not smart enough to go to college. The college was owned by the Sisters of Providence. This is where Fred first became interested in the Catholic Church. The Sisters she met there helped her grow spiritually. She went through RCIA on that campus and was Confirmed there.
• Society of Jesus. My brother, Jesuit Father J.K. Adams, met the Jesuits in Havre, Mont. Father Michael McHugh was a wonderful, spiritual man who inspired my brother to enter the Jesuits. J.K. studied philosophy here at Gonzaga University and was ordained to the priesthood at St. Aloysius Church, Spokane, in 1995. He taught at Gonzaga Prep and now teaches at Jesuit High School in Portland. Through these years many Jesuits have influenced my mother and she has prayed faithfully for many men who have gone through the process and been ordained.
• Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary. Fred has been an active member of the Associates of the Holy Names for many years.

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