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Church building blessed for San Juan Diego Mission in Basin City

Story and photos by Eric Meisfjord, Editor, Inland Register

(From the July 21, 2016 edition of the Inland Register)

Bishop Thomas Daly celebrated Mass at San Juan Diego Mission in Basin City on Monday, June 20, to bless the church building. The building will be formally dedicated later this year.

San Juan Diego is a mission of the parishes in Connell and Eltopia; Father José Luis Hernandez is pastor of the parishes.

The church was full for the Monday morning celebration, followed by a luncheon provided by the parishioners in Connell and Eltopia.

Joining the parishioners and Bishop Daly were four of the previous pastors: Fathers Robert Turner, Gene Tracy, Richard Poole, and Kevin Oiland. A fifth former pastor, Father Pedro Bautista-Peraza, was unable to attend.

The building was originally leased, but has since been purchased – and is paid for in its entirety, said Father Hernandez.

Bishop Thomas Daly greets parishioners after the Mass blessing the church of San Juan Diego Mission in Basin City. (IR photo)

The church for San Juan Diego Mission was originally the home of the Abundant Life Community. (IR photo)

San Juan Diego Mission’s church was filled to capacity for the blessing Mass on June 20. (IR photo)

Father Robert Turner was among the former pastors who took part in the celebration. (IR photo)

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