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Walla Walla parishes cooperate to offer adult education programming

the Inland Register

(From the July 21, 2016 edition of the Inland Register)

Greg Fazzari (gesturing, left) leads a discussion during the “Discovering Christ” program in Walla Walla earlier this year. (IR photos courtesy of Thomas Lederer)

During Lent and into Easter, the three Walla Walla parishes – St. Patrick, St. Francis of Assisi and Assumption – hosted “Discovering Christ,” the first of three ChristLife programs. Discovering Christ is a seven-week experience that invites adults to hear the Good News and personally encounter Jesus Christ.

Enabled by the tri-parish Know, Love and Serve commission, and under the more-than-able leadership of parishioner Greg Fazzari, the program involved video teaching, prayer, presentations by the parishes’ three priests (Father Matthew Nicks, the pastor, and Fathers David Gaines and Kyle Ratuiste, parochial vicars), animated discussion, home-cooked meals, intense fellowship, and a one-day retreat, which many considered the highlight of the event.

The series explored such questions as: What is the meaning of life? Why does Jesus matter? What does Jesus want us to know? Why do I need a Savior? Why is the Resurrection important? Who is the Holy Spirit?

These profound queries lie at the base of Faith and an entire relationship with God.

These seven weeks of centered and focused teaching and reflection enriched the entire community.

Special thanks from all three parishes to Greg Fazzari for his guidance in making the event a reality.

Father Matthew Nicks, pastor of Walla Walla’s three parishes, shares a light moment with parishioners. (IR photo)

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